I have recently been engaged with healthcare Startup “Handle My Health“. They have clinical trials in three months and I have been working with them to develop the product for the end of this year.

Handle My Health

The team are developing a product to increase dynamic discussion between patients suffering long term conditions and their Healthcare professional netwrok.  Emphasising continuity and bridging the formal aspects of your health care provisions with the less formal and more social aspects of your interactions with the people that make up this service.

I have long since believed that Technology alone has some serious concerns when being used to enhance or manage healthcare provisions which in fact often require social change, education and small tweaks to systems based on local observations. Most instances of technology in patient care involves producing large amounts of data and it is rare that this data makes it on a journey towards knowledge.

Handle My Health was a very exciting project to get involved in as it is essentially a tool to empower patients and to instigate interventions in traditional healthcare provisions. Healthcare professionals get to see more than a snap shot into the patients life and can build their advice on the input of their colleagues, a simple secure joined up system where patients own their own healthcare records and can contextualise them with some valuable insight into their illness and the medications prescribed to treat them.