Research is the most essential part of all my work as I am often telling stories about technologies and diseases which are under represented and miss understood in the public domain.

Research in my mind is not something that happens just at the start of the project, it happens at every stage and the outcome can itself be a designed engament  which will raise more questions and explore new territories rather than simply draw a line under the work I have created.

Where a deeper understanding of the systems and people interacting with the subject area I am investigating is required I will collaborate with anthropologists and ethnographers to help quantify the constraints in play.

The below images show various techniques and research that I have recently carried out.

Diabets public engagement

Public experement, I am broadcasting my health data whilst undergoing physical tests in public.
Working with chefs to create a dining service and conversation, the food acts as a catalyst to the discussion.
BT management workshops prototyping networked objects.
BBC R&D teams exploring the re-design of the remote control.
Anthropologist Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi worked with us on community research in east london for

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