Sir Steve Redgrave on diabetes

“Every waking moment you’re aware that you’re diabetic,” he says. “But you develop a new sense – what you’re going to eat, how much insulin you’ve got to take with that food that you’re taking, what sort of a stressful day you’re going to be living because that affects the blood sugar levels as well…so you’ve got to look at a lot of different things.”

He has chosen to control his blood sugar by taking insulin through a small pump. His main strategy is to take control of diabetes, and not let it interfere too much with his life. “I’m very flexible with the whole of my condition – I decided from a very early age that diabetes had to live with me, not me live with it, and that’s the way I’ve really focussed it. So my lifestyle hasn’t changed a great deal, I have to come up with regimes to make it work for me.”

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