Talk at Engaging Tactics

Alison Thomson and I were invited by the Anthropology department at Goldsmiths University to present at a recent two day conference focussing on engaging tactics. We presented together under the working title “Nil by mouth”.

More information about the event can be found here.

Nil by mouth is a presentation of two projects by Alison Thomson and James Gilpin. Both designers have used food and drink as engagement tactics in their work previously. They have both come together for “Engaging tactics” to present their approach to working within health care and will be presenting to you their take on the publics ability to voice opinion within the development of health care provisions.

Alison will frame her discusion within her work at Queen Mary, University of London where she designs methods of engagement between neuro scientists and people living with chronic disease. James will then bring to the table his use of design to explore ways of opening up debate between diabetic patients, health care professionals and researchers to explore ways forward in the day to day treatment of the disease. Drawing on the “Nil by Mouth” title we will provide participants with food & drink that they won’t actually get the chance to experience.

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