The Bartlett Summer School

Every summer the Bartlett opens up its doors to A-level students for a two week crash course in Architecture or the build Environment.

I joined a unit run by Tomas Klassnik  on their whistle stop tour of London’s design museums and architecurtal marvels he group paused at Robin Hood Gardens in Polar, the 1970’s council housing complex is due to be torn down and replaced. Before this happens the students had the opportunity to reemagine the space that could cater to the social needs of its population in 2012 and beyond.
They then embarked on a journey of exploration into utopian post war social housing in london and arived at some stunning insights that could only be imagined by those not yet emersed in reality. The ideas soon started to look pretty dark and what of course it was not long before Robin hood gardens provoked images of Will Sels’s  both shiney euotoian and fantastical buildings that you can eat or that you ??????????? as well a the
Just about everyone in the group had a great idea, the great challenge now was to bring the ideas to life. With basic draewings skills and having never used power tools before we had to as a grup build the site model and 20 individual models without loosing any hands or legs.
Given the four day build build time the group guys pulled together a pretty impressive group modlle complete with vibrating landscape and lighting.
Other unit tutors

Dijan Malla, Pooja Agrawal, Luke Jones

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