Walls is a hyperlocal social tool to help people re-engage with their surroundings. This project was started by Gerard Rallo while researching the future of culture and social engagement with Wieden + Kennedy. I joined the team as Co-founder working with Gerard to iterate the service and communicate its worth to potential users and investors. www.walls.im We […]

Mind Control

In Marcel Proust’s “Search of Lost Time” we are all lead through his insight into the process of memory via his recollection of the Madeline cake soaked in tea. This became the starting point for my investigation into digital versus actual memory. The ubiquitous nature of the digital camera and the ease of publishing and sharing […]


Films I have written and directed or assisted in the production of. Being Better  Writer & Director DOP -Laurentia Genske  Sound – Ludwig Zeller Measured Living Writer & Director DOP -Laurentia Genske  Sound – Ludwig Zeller Walls promo film Shoot produce and edit   Networked Organics Writer & Director DOP – James Gilpin Jaywick Escapes (A somewhere film)  […]

IF You Could Collaborate

A reactive glass sculpture augmented with electronics and speakers that draws in an audience to engage with music in a gallery context. Helge Fischer and I were Invited to take part in the If You Could Collaborate exhibition which featured the artwork produced by 33 pairings at the A Foundation Gallery, Rochelle School in London. Exhibited Art WorksProject partner – Helge […]

Abuse of Diabetic Drug

The users are not fad dieters or methamphetamine addicts, but people with diabetes. And the subject of their rhapsodies is not a gray-market diet pill sold on late-night television but Byetta, a federally approved diabetes medicine, available only by prescription, whose popularity and sales have soared since its introduction last June. The drug seems so effective for weight […]

Insulin analogues are the most recent biotechnology products used in the treatment of diabetes and are designed to have absorption profiles that more nearly mimic the action of normal insulin production by the body than synthetic ‘human’ insulin. However, analogues differ in their biological effects with unknown consequences, such as their effects on:

• Mitogenicity [promotion of division and proliferation of any cell, including tumour cells]
• Apoptosis [see glossary].
• Glucose and lipid metabolism.
• Thrombocyte function.
• Protein degradation.


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